sweet orange planting procedures and production techniques

The botanical name of Sweet Orange is Citrus sinensis; Rutaceae

Varieties: Sathukudi.

Soil and climate: Deep well drained loamy soils are the best for the cultivation of Citrus. pH of soil should be 6.5 to 7.5 and EC of water less than 1.0. A dry climate with about 50 – 75 cm of rainfall from June – September and with well defined summer and winter season is ideal. Comes up well in tropical zone below 500 m. Extremes of temperature are necessary.

Season: July to September.

Planting material: Budded plants. (Root Stock-Rangpur lime is best, now rough lemon is also preferred).

Preparation of field: Dig pits at 75 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm size at 7 x 7 m spacing. Fill up the pits with top soil and 10 kg of FYM. Plant the budded plants in the centre of the pits and stake it.

Irrigation: Immediately after planting irrigate copiously. Irrigations may be given once in 10 days. Avoid water stagnation near the plant.

Manures and fertilizers per plant: N to be applied in two doses during March and October.
O5 and K2
O are to be applied in October.
Manures are applied in the basin 70 cm away from the trunk and incorporated in the soil. Spray solution containing Sulphate of Zinc (0.5%), Manganese (0.05%), Iron (0.25%), Magnesium (0.5%),
Boron (0.1%) and Molybdenum (0.003%) once in 3 months at the time of new flush production.
In addition to that apply 50 g in each of Sulphate of Zinc, Manganese and Iron per tree per year.

Plant protection
Leaf miner: Spray dichlorvos 76 WSC at the rate of 1 ml/lit or dimethoate 30 EC 2 ml/lit or fenthion 100 EC at the rate of 1 ml/lit or monocrotophos 36 WSC at the rate of 1.5 ml/lit or 5% of neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) or neem cake extract or neem oil 3%.
Citrus root nematode: Apply Pseudomonas fluorescens at 20g per tree at a depth of 15 cm and 50 cm away from the trunk for the management of slow decline due to the citrus root nematode
(Tylenchulus semipenetrans). Soil application of phorate @ 2 g followed by drenching with metalaxyl plus mancozeb 72 WP @ 0.1% 50 ml/ cutting/ poly bag/ kg of nursery soil for citrus decline.
Little leaf malady: To control little leaf, spray zinc sulphate at 1.0 per cent plus Teepol 1 ml/lit of solution at various stages.
1) New flush
2) One month after first spray
3) At flowering
4) Fruit set

After cultivation: Remove water shoots, rootstock sprouts, dead and diseased shoots. Remove laterals upto 45 cm from ground level.

Intercropping: Legumes and vegetable crops can be raised during pre-bearing age.

Harvest: Starts bearing from 5th year after planting.

Yield: 30 t/ha.

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