Describe the coming of the Lord according to Paul's teaching and What this teach us as Christians?

According to the teaching of Paul to the Thessalonians on the second coming of Jesus, he (Paul) said that Jesus went up to heaven in the presence of many witnesses and he (Jesus) promised them that he would come back again. Jesus’ second coming would be witnessed after the lawless one must have deceived many with false claims of messiahship. At this point, sinners would be destroyed. Paul told the Christians in Thessalonia to get prepared for the day because it would be like a thief in the night. The Lord will descend from heaven with his Archangels, with sound of trumpets calling on the faithfuls to the rapture of God. The dead believers would rise and those who are still living shall join together to meet the Lord in the mid-air. He told the Thessalonian Christians not to panic nor listen to false spirits or teachers because if they are caught unawares, it would be a great disaster. Therefore, they should not be taken unprepared. They should always be awake with sober reflection.
Lessons to be derived from the teaching as Christians include:
(i) Christians should have faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ as living evidence.
(ii) As Christians, we should help those who are weak in the faith.
(iii) Those who died in the Lord would rise in the last day to eternal glory so we should not grieve so much over them.
(iv) Christians are to live new life in Christ.

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