Describe the crossing of the Red sea and God's role in the episode. What lessons did Israel learn from their experience there?

After the Israelites had left the land of Egypt, Pharaoh regretted his action to have allowed them to leave. He regrouped his soldiers to pursue the Israelites. The Isrealites encamped at Pihahiroth where they were overtaken by the Egyptian soldiers who rode on horses and chariots. When the Israelites saw them, they were afraid and they cried to the Lord for their safety. They said that it would have been better for them to die in the land of Egypt than to die in the wilderness. Moses strengthened their faith by telling them not to entertain any fear, but to stand firm, for the Lord was with them and would fight for them. “The Egyptians you see today will not be seen again tomorrow“, Moses assured his people. He cried to the Lord and he was told to stretch his rod over the sea. The Lord blocked the view and slowed down the movement of the Egyptians by the pillar of cloud which led the Israelites behind them. Moses did as the Lord had commanded him. He stretched his rod over the sea. A great wind drove back the waters. The people of Israel crossed the sea on dry land.
The Egyptians gave the Israelites a hot chase, but the wheel of their chariots could not move. Moses immediately followed the order of God and stretched his rod over the sea and the water returned. The Eqyptian soldiers, their horses and chariots, who were already in the middle of the sea were all drowned and they perished. This is how God was victorious over Pharaoh and his army.
Lesson learnt by the Israelites from their Red sea experiences are:
(i) The Israelites learnt that it is good to have faith in the Lord.
(ii) They equally learnt that God is ready to protect His people in the period of need.
(iii) They also learnt that God was very loyal, faithful and kept His promises to His people.
(iv) They also learnt that God punished those who disobey Him and humbled the proud.

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