Describe how Paul dealt with the problem of the Corinthians who did not believe in ressurection

Paul wrote to the Corinthians to counter the wrong teaching
imparted to them. In the first place, he reminded them about his early teaching
on the subject which they accepted and hoped would give them justification and
salvation if they continued in true faith in Christ. Paul told them that he
delivered the doctrine of resurrection to them as he received it; that Jesus died for
their sins, was buried and has risen on the third day according to the
scriptures. As proofs of his resurrection, he appeared to his disciples
including Peter, James and five hundred others. Lastly, he appeared to him Paul,
the least of the apostles, being a persecutor of the church.

He wondered why some unbelievers should deny the resurrection of
Christ if there were such abundant and clear evidence to prove it. Paul averred
that Jesus could not have been raised if there was no resurrection and, if he
was not raised,
then his preachings and those of others would have been in vain. This means
that preachers would be guilty of deception and misrepresentation of God. These
would render their faith useless and make them remain in sins. If Jesus did not
resurrect, then the dead in Christ remain perished and those who are still
alive with faith in Christ stand to be pitied. But the fact remains that Christ
has been raised from the dead and has become the first fruit among those who
have fallen asleep.
Paul stated further that death first came through the first Adam,
so also life after death has come to man through jesus Christ. God has put
every thing under Christ’s authority and through his grace, Christians are
assured of life eternal.
The significance of resurrection of Jesus to Christians are: 
  • Victory over death has been won for the children of God by Jesus
  • Death
    for a Christian is only the gate-way to eternal life in the kingdom of God for
    all believers. 
  • By raising Jesus from the dead, God has shown the world that
    Jesus is His son.

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