What did Paul, from his personal example teach the Thessalonians about the dignity of labour?

Paul advises the Thessalonians to keep away from an idle
brother, one who is not behaving in accordance with the tradition he had set up
for them. He taught them to imitate his life of industry. While he, was with
them he ate nobody’s food without paying for it. Rather, he worked tirelessly
for his daily needs. This he did, not because he had no right to depend upon
his preaching, but to leave them with conduct worthy of emulation. He had
earlier given them the command, “If anyone will not work, let him not
eat,” but he had heard that some of them were living in idleness. He,
however exhorted such fellows to do their work quietly to earn their living. If
at the end, any of them still refused to obey his instruction, he should be
ostracised to make him feel ashamed. They should not, however, regard such
fellow as enemy but only warn him as a brother.

Ways by which Christians should uphold this teaching are: 
  1. We
    should be proud of our job. 
  2. Dignity of labour should be emphasized, 
  3. Christians should not be beggars or extortionists
  4. Christians should not
    be lazy, rather they should be gainfully employed.

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