Describe Philip's missionary activities in Judea and Samaria

Acts 8:26-40: 
  • A great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem after the death of
  • Those who scattered went about preaching the word, 
  • Philip
    went down to Samaria and proclaimed Christ, 
  • A great number of people
    believed when they heard Philip and saw the signs performed, 
  • Those who
    believed the good news about the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ
    were baptized, 
  • Simon, the magician, who had for long amazed the people
    with his magical powers, was also baptized having believed. 
  • The Apostles
    in Jerusalem sent Peter and John who came down and prayed for them to receive
    the Holy Spirit, 
  • They laid their hands on them and they received the
    Holy Spirit, 
  • Simon offered money to be given the power to lay hands on
  • Peter rebuked his evil motives and request, asking him to repent
    that the intent of his heart be forgiven him.   
  • But an angel of the Lord directed Philip to the road that goes from
    Jerusalem to Gaza, 
  • Here, he met an Ethiopians eunuch, a minister of the
    Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who had come to Jerusalem to worship and was
  • Led by the spirit, Philip joined the eunuch in his chariot,
    explained the word of God to him; and he repented and believed, 
  • As they
    went along the road, they saw water and the eunuch requested to be baptized,
    and was baptized.
Three problems facing Evangelism:  
  1. Religious conflict/Political instability, 
  2. Materialism/worldliness. 
  3. Financial problem, 
  4. Lack of commitment, 
  5. Limited knowledge of the word/scripture, 
  6. Modernity 
  7. False teaching 
  8. Political interference.

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