Explain the concept of givein as outlined in Paul's second letter to the Corinthians

Paul commended the Corinthians
for their readiriess to contribute to support the saints in Jerusalem.
Following their contributions, he boasted to the Macedonians that the
Corinthians” had been ready with their relief materials since the previous
year. Their action motivated some of the Macedonians to act accordingly.

Paul, therefore, sent ahead of his arrival some people to ensure
that their gifts were made ready for dispatch in order not to be embarrassed or
humiliated with his boasting. He told them that whoever sowed sparingly would
also reap sparingly, while those who sowed generously would also reap
generously. Therefore, they should individually contribute willingly, (not
under compulsion) what each had originally proposed in his mind, for God loves
a cheerful giver. God is always ready to release to cheerful givers His
blessings in abundance so that they may have enough of everything for their own
sustenance and more to spare for others and the poor. God who supplies seed to
the sowers and bread for food will supply and multiply their resources, thus
increasing the harvest of their righteousness. By so doing, they will receive
unlimited enrichment and blessing from God for their good works, enrich the
saints physically and multiply their thankfulness to God. It is, therefore, a
test of their Christian life and the acceptance of the gospel of Christ which
will reflect God’s glory. And, as for the saints, i.e, the recipients, their
prayers for the Corinthians would be boundless.
In conclusion, Paul gave thanks to God for His gift of Jesus which
is beyond human experience and a demonstration of God’s supreme example of
giving to all. 
Some ways by which a Christian can provide relief for the
suffering of others include: 
  • collecting cloths as charity to old peoples
    Homes, Charity Homes, etc. 
  • sale/purchase of Red Cross poppies for
    the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen, families of fallen soldiers, etc. 
  • collecting money through projects such as bob-a-job exercises to provide
    toys, little sweaters, baby dresses for motherless babies in Charity Homes, 
  • sponsorship of the course of the poor by well-to-do Christians, 
  • Setting
    up special funds for the needy in the society.

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