Explain Paul's teaching on ressurrection

Paul reminded the
Corinthians about the central core of his apostolic teachings and the basis of
their faith in the resurrection of Jesus and the assurance of salvation. He
taught them what he himself received and believed, i.e. according to the
scriptures, Jesus died because of man’s sin. He was buried and he rose from the
dead on the third day and appeared to Cephas (Simon Peter). He also appeared to
the older apostles and many others and lastly, Paul himself who was the worst
persecutor of the church and unfit to be called an apostle. Therefore, he had
to work harder than the rest of the apostles to ensure that the truth which he
had received was passed on to the Corinthians. Since he and the others had
preached that Jesus rose from the dead, how dare some people say that there is
no resurrection. It, therefore, follows that if Christ had not risen, then
their preaching was baseless and their faith would be in vain. The preachers
would be guilty of misrepresenting God since they had testified that God raised
Christ from the dead. If Christ had not been raised, then they would remain in
sin and those who had fallen asleep or died in Christ would perish.

Therefore, if it was for this earthly life they had lived a
Christ-like life, they were to be pitied as the most miserable of men.
The resurrection of Jesus
Christ is significant as follows:
  • Christians believe that with Jesus
    Christ’s resurrection, Christians are also by faith to rise from the dead and
    join Christ at his second coming.  
  • As Christ rose and ascended into
    glory, the same glory awaits Christians since Christ as the second Adam is a
    life-giving spirit, 
  • By his resurrection, Christ has won victory
    over principalities and powers, Satan, sin and death. Therefore, death will
    have no more dominion over believers, 
  • The resurrection frees
    Christians from the curse of the law and sin 
  • No resurrection, no

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