Explain the term justification and state the conditions for its achievements, in accordance with Paul's letter to the Romans

Justification can be explained as a process of being acquitted
from sin by God. It is a process by which man’s sin is forgiven and over-looked
by God as a saving grace for eternal life. 
The conditions for the achievement
of justification can be stated as follows
: Justification is a gift of God’s
grace. It cannot be attained by man’s effort or his perfection. It was the wish
of Jesus to carry man’s sin on the cross, therefore, man has the choice of
rejecting it, but the consequence of rejection is destruction, A Christian,
therefore, has to believe in the resurrection of Jesus as a first step to
justification. It is the confession of a man’s faith with his mouth that can
earn him salvation.
Those who are trusting in the righteousness of the law (Jews and
Gentiles) have fallen short of the Grace of God. Those who would be accepted by
Jesus when he comes back are those who accept him in faith.

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