What is prayer? list the types and reasons why some people's prayers are not answered by God

Prayer is a medium of
communication between man and God. It is a ritual copied from the prayerful
life of Jesus who taught his disciples how to pray. Prayer is the Christian’s
weapon of defence in life.

There are many types of prayers which include: 
  • Adoration –
    acknowledgement of Gods greatness, 
  • Petition – for personal needs 
  • Dedication – promising to be faithful to God. 
  • Thanksgiving -for grace
  • Confession Df Sins 
  • Intercessory – for those who cannot pray
    for themselves.
However, some prayers may not be answered because of reasons such
  • Lack of faith on the part of the person praying. 
  • Lack of forgiving
  • Repetition of the same words, 
  • Lack of repentance from
    persona! sins, 
  • Lack of concentration, 
  • Lack of consistency, 
  • Asking
    wrongly- God knows what is the best for His children.

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