Give an account of Amos' encounter with Amaziah the priest


  • Amos was a shepherd and also a dresser of sycamore trees, while
    Amaziah was a priest at Bethel, the centre of Israel’s apostate religion, 
  • Amos denounced the social and religious malpractices of the Israelites of
    his day.  
  • He also preached at the king’s sanctuary that Jeroboam II
    would die by the sword, 
  • This statement infuriated Amaziah the priest
    in-charge of the temple at Bethel, 
  • Amaziah reported Amos to the king, accusing
    him of treason, 
  • Since the temple belonged to the king and not God Amos was
    forbidden to speak against the king there, 
  • Amaziah commanded Amos
    to return to Judah to prophesy and earn his living there, 
  • tie called Amos
    a “seer” a prophet that was consulted for the discovery of lost
    articles for a fee. 
  • Amos denied being a paid prophet lathe service of the
    king nor was he a member of the professional prophets, 
  • He said no one had
    engaged him to pronounce judgment on Jeroboam and Israel, 
  • He was only a
    herdsman and a dresser of sycamore trees, and the Lord took him from following
    the flock in order to prophesy to Israel. 
  • According to Amos, no
    authority could stop him from delivering his message, 
  • Amos then
    cursed Amaziah for trying to turn him away from God’s command, 
  • He
    indicated that Amaziah’s wife would be a prostitute and his children killed, 
  • Furthermore, Arnaziah’s. land and property, would be divided among the
  • Israel would go into exile, 
  • Finally, Amaziah
    would die in a foreign land.  

Practices in our societies that needs to be Condemned

  1. Fake/Superficial worship and sacrifice! Occultism/Ancestral
  2. Ethnicity! Corruption! Injustice! Bribery Partiality, 
  3. Disrespect of the Sabbath /Vows/False swearing, 
  4. Commercial
    preachers in vehicles and churches/Market places, 
  5. Poor environment
  6. Festal virgins/Confinement of females to shrines, 
  7. Widowhood rites, 
  8. Display of wealth during harvest, 
  9. Female
    genital mutilation (FGM). 
  10. Oppression of the poor/ uncaring attitude/ child
  11. Sexual immorality/Homosexuality.

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