Give an account of the mission of the Seventy

  • Jesus appointed the seventy and sent them in pairs to every place
    He was to visit, 
  • Jesus emphasized that the harvest was plentiful but that
    the labourers were few.
  • He asked them to pray that the Lord of the
    harvest would send labourers into His harvest, 
  • He sent them out like lambs
    in the midst of wolves, 
  • He instructed them to carry no purse, no bag, no
    sandals, salute no one on the road, 
  • Jesus asked them to bless any house
    they entered, 
  • Jesus noted that their peace/ blessing would rest with such
    a house if a son of peace was there otherwise it would return to them, 
  • They should remain in the house eating and drinking what was provided, 
  • The
    disciples were asked to heal the sick and preach the kingdom of God in every
    town they were received, 
  • They were to shake the dust off their feet where
    they were not received, 
  • The seventy returned rejoicing that the demons
    were subject to them in the name of Jesus,
  • Jesus said He saw Satan fall
    from heaven like lightening, 
  • He added that He had given the seventy
    authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and nothing would hurt them, 
  • They should, nevertheless not rejoice because the spirits were subject to
  • But should rejoice because their names were written in heaven.

Problems encountered bv Evangelists todav:  

  1. Language barrier 
  2. Financial handicap/constraint 
  3. Lack
    of co-operation from catchment area/target audience 
  4. Lack of broad
    knowledge of the scriptures
  5. Hostility to the gospel/persecution 
  6. Lack
    of conviction

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