Give the implications of the doctrine of sonship of God for christians

Implications of the doctrine:

  •  The doctrine of sonship
    implies that a Christian is no longer alien to the household of God, but a
    bonafide member of the Kingdom of God through Christ, 
  • A Christian today is
    part of the fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham who was told that his
    children would be like the stars in the sky. He, therefore, stands to share the
    blessings of Abraham, 
  • The Son of God has redeemed believers and
    reconciled them to God. He had given them the privilege to share with him the
    right of inheritance of God’s eternal glory, 
  • They now have every
    right to approach the Father at ail times for whatever needs may arise and be
    assured of his presence and help, 
  • With the Spirit of His Son in
    them, they also share the victory, which “Christ has won over Satan and
    the world, 
  • All Christians are without any discrimination.

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