Highlight Paul's teachings on dignity of labour and give the roles of the church in encourage productivity among christians

Roles of the Church: 

  1. The Church like NGOs can establish old people’s homes, health centres and engage young school
    leavers to work and earn a living,
  2. Some youths have no certificates for gainful employment. The Church can train them in
    various trades of their choice,
  3. Churches should establish counselling
    units for their teeming youth, bringing in resource persons,
  4. Proper teaching of the scriptures helps to reform the youth, who otherwise could have strayed,
  5. The uneducated youth in the Church could be sponsored to learn to read and write at least.
  6. Church can organise a quasi-trade fair to
    advertise and market the products of artisans and tradesmen in the Church.

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