Highlight the main features in the Lukan account of the birth, circumcision and the presentation of Jesus in the temple

Joseph took his pregnant
wife, Mary, from Nazareth to Bethlehem in response to the emperor’s order
concerning the census. In Bethlehem, there was no more room in all the inns
and Joseph, therefore, took Mary to a manger where” she gave
birth to her son, Jesus Christ. Angels of God proclaimed the birth to shepherds
who went to the manger and saw the child.

After eight days, the child was circumcised and named Jesus. He
was duly brought to the temple in Jerusalem forthe rite of
purification (of the mother) during which the appropriate sacrifice was
In the temple was a devout or righteous man, Simeon, to whom it
was revealed that he would not see death until he: had seen Christ. When the
parents of Jesus came into the temple, Simeon took Jesus in his hands and
blessed God. Then he said the “Nunc Dimittis”, praising God for his
glory which he was vouchsafed to behold.
He prophesied that Jesus was set for the rise and fall of Israel
but that a sword would pierce through many souls.;  The parents marvelled at
all that Simeon said about the child, but kept it all in mind. 
 There was also an old (widowed) prophetess, Anna, who came into
the temple at that moment and gave thanks to God for the child, Jesus, 
for the rituals ,of circumcision and the temple presentation are: 
  • As a Jew
    by  birth, Jesus was by law expected to be circumcised on the
    eighth day. 
  • This was in accordance with the covenant entered into
    by God and Abraham or a physical symbol of the covenant, 
  • It was
    also a Mosaic stipulation that a ,. Jewish son who opened his mother’s womb
    must be presented to God in the temple, 
  • Sacrifices of purification
    (for  the mother) were to accompany this with a concessional provision for
    poor parents, of two turtle doves or two pigeons j instead of the usual sheep
    or goat (Lev. 12 Vs 8)

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