Relate the account of the mission of the twelve, according to the synoptic gospels

Jesus sent out the twelve with authority over unclean spirits
and to heal all infirmities. He charged them to go nowhere among the
Gentiles or enter no town of the Samariatans, but to go to the lost sheep of
the house of Israel and, to preach, saying” the Kingdom of heaven is at

 They were to take no money, no bag nor two tunics, no sandals, no
staff. Whatever town or house they entered, they should greet it with peace of
the Lord. If the house was worthy, their peace remained, if not, their
peace returned to; them. He also charged them to remain in any house
that received them, eating or drinking whatever was offered them,.-, for the
labourer deserved his wages.
Whatever town that did not receive them, on getting- out, they
should wipe off the dust under their feet as a testimony against it, for it
would be more tolerable, on the day of judgment, for Sodom and Gomorrah than
for that hostile town                           
Jesus concluded by warning them that they were being sent out as
sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore, they had to be as wise as serpents and
as innocent as doves
Requirements for today’s Evangelists are: 
  • wisdom
    and knowledge from God, 
  • knowledge of the Bible, 
  • prayerful
    life and spiritual maturity, 
  • physical strength/energy,” 
  • ability to address the public, 
  • sustainable income / means of
  • simple, patient, people-oriented personality or
    ability to interact with people and inspire them,   
  •  personal discipline, neatness, 
  • leadership ‘ quality / role model, 
  • knowledge of the language, 
  • technique
    of communication, 
  • inspiration.            

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