Highlight the proplems encountered by Joseph with his brothers

  • Joseph was the son of his father’s old age and specially loved
    by him. 
  • His brothers hated him for this favouritism 
  • In addition,
    Jacob made for Joseph a lonmg robe with sleeves depicting Joseph as a would be
    heir instead of Reuben the eldest son. Thus the brothers hated Joseph, 
  • Again, Joseph had a gift for dreams which he narrated to his father and
  • His brothers hated him the more because all his dreams, implied
    that Joseph will rule over them. 
  • Furthermore, Joseph’s ill reports about
    his brothers increased their hatred for him 
  • Joseph was however sold to
    Ishmaelite traders who also sold him to an officer in Egypt.

How they were reconciled (Genesis 45:1-15)                 s

  • Famine in Israel led Joseph’s brothers to seek for corn in
  • On their second visit to Egypt, Joseph revealed himself to them, as
    the one they sold into slavery, 
  • Joseph wept aloud in front of them and
    inquired about his father 
  • He told them that God sent him before to
    preserve life/His predicament was thus, a divine scheme 
  • Though what they
    did was evil, God meant it for good 
  • Joseph have an open invitation to the
    family to settle in Goshen 
  • He gave them abundant food and clothes to
    return home 
  • Joseph shed tears of joy over Benjamin and the rest of his
    brothers with kisses to assure them of his love.

Lessons to be Learnt  

  1. Need for genuine forgiveness 
  2. Need for true reconciliation 
  3. Need to help and do good to those who hurt us 
  4. Need to respect our
    eiders/be diplomatic 
  5. Avoid hatred and evil
  6. Avoid favouritism  
  7. Need to show remorse when we do wrong/ability o own to own up/accept
    responsibility for wrong done 
  8. What God has destined no one can change
  9. care for others, especially in times of need 
  10. being good role models
  11. Avoiding unnecessary disputes/ peaceful settlement of disputes.

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