How should christian leaders relate to their followers, with reference to first Peter

I Peter 5:1-4, 6-11:  
  • Peter refers to Christian
    leaders as witnesses of the suffering of Christ and partakers of the glory that
    is to be revealed during his second coming, 
  • They should, therefore, look
    after the flock of Christ with tenderness, 
  • They should not regard their
    assignment as a burden, rather, they should discharge their duties willingly, 
  • Not for shameful material gain but eagerly, 
  • Not by being overbearing,
    but serving as true example/role model to the flock, 
  • They would reap their
    due reward in due course when the Lord comes, 
  • Leaders should humble
    themselves under the mighty hand of God for God to exalt them, 
  • They must
    be sober and watchful because Satan is roaring around looking for whom to
  • They should resist Satan at all costs and be firm in their faith, 
  • Suffering is part of the Christian’life, 
  • God will reward them for
    their role.

Three problems facing Church leaders:  

  1. Problem of
    handling the youth, 
  2. Rivalry between the youth and elders, 
  3. External
    opposition form Government, 
  4. Church finance, 
  5. Tribalism/nepotism 
  6. Status of women/gender issue/gay marriage 
  7. Doctrinal issues 
  8. Declining faith among followers/backsliding 
  9. Greed/materialism 
  10. Disregard
    for authority 
  11. Position seeking.

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