How was greed demonstrated by Gehazi?

2Ksngs 5:16 – 27:  

  • After the cleansing of Naaman at River Jordan, he then returned to the man of
    God with all his company, 
  • He then presented gifts to Elisha the prophet
    which he refused even after persuasion, 
  • But when Naaman had gone a short
    dista’nce, Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, followed him. 
  • When Naaman saw him, he
    alighted from his chariot to meet him. 
  • He asked if all was well, and Gehazi
    said that his master sent him to collect the gift, 
  • He then collected the
    two talents of silver in two bags and some garments, 
  • He put them on two
    of his servants to carry them for Gehazi. 
  • And when they came close home
    he collected the items from them and sent the men away, 
  • He then hid them
    in his room, 
  • Later, his master Elisha asked him “where have you been
  • He lied that-he went nowhere, 
  • His master said he was
    with him in the spirit and he saw the things he collected from Naaman. 
  • He, therefore, cursed him that the leprosy of Naaman would cleave to him and
    his descendants forever, 
  • And it was so/He became leprous immediately.  

The areas in society in which greed is prevalent:  

  1. In the political circle, 
  2. In business, 
  3. In family, 
  4. ln the church,
  5. In the office, 
  6. In
    sharing things.

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