Identify Joseph's talents and show how he applied them as a leader

Joseph was one of the exceptional leaders in the history of the
Israelites. He had some talents which he put to use in every leadership
position he found himself (Gen.37:1-28,41:1-57; 45:1-15). Joseph was loved by
his father more than any of his eleven brethren and he always reported his
brothers’ misdeeds to their father. He was also a dreamer and had a gift of
vision. He narrated his dreams to his brothers and to his father. Because of
this, his father reprimanded him and his brothers hated him. As an obedient and
faithful child, his father sent him to see to the welfare of his brethren who conspired
on sighting him from afar and sold him into slavery, thereby attempting to
frustrate God’s plan for him.

As a slave in Egypt, God equipped him with the gifts of endurance
and faith. He knew what was right and avoided all forms of immorality. Even when
he was imprisoned unjustly, he endured all the suffering and became a trusted
friend to his fellow prisoners.
He interpreted the dreams of his fellow prisoners. The chief
butler proved ungrateful to Joseph for two years he did nothing to help him.
Afterwards Pharaoh had dreams which Joseph later interpreted. From prison, he
was elevated and appointed as Governor of Egypt and was given unlimited powers.
He showed excellent management ability as governor.
His humility and love made him keep a level head, even when his
brethren, who no longer recognized him, came to buy corn in Egypt. Through a
number of tests, he got them to confess their past guilt and misdeeds or
wrongdoing. Like a true leader, he forgave them and reconciled with them.
Finally, he sent for his father and ensured that he lived his final days in

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