Relate Luke's account of Jesus' appearance to the men going to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-49  

  • Two men were
    traveling to Emmaus and were discussing the events that had happened in
    Jerusalem concerning Jesus’ resurrection, 
  • As they were reasoning together,
    Jesus joined them but they did not recognize Him. 
  • Jesus asked them what
    they were discussing that made them so sad. 
  • One of them, Cleopas,
    expressed surprise that Jesus did not know about the recent happenings in
  • Jesus asked them what had happened, 
  • They told him about Jesus,
    a mighty prophet in deed and word, 
  • Whom the Chief priests and elder had
    delivered to be condemned to death and killed him. 
  • They had hoped that
    this Jesus would have redeemed Israel and now his body was also reported
    missing from the tomb (according to the women), 
  • Some of the disciples had
    gone to the tomb and confirmed the report of the women, 
  • At this juncture,
    Jesus rebuked them for unbelief and lack of understanding saying, “was it
    not necessary that Christ should suffer these things and enter into his
  • Jesus also interpreted to them all the scriptures concerning
    himself as revealed by the prophets from the time of Moses, 
  • During the
    evening meal, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave them to eat and their
    eyes opened, 
  • As they recognized him, he vanished, 
  • The men quickly
    returned to Jerusalem and told the eleven how Jesus had appeared to them and
    partook in the evening meal with them,  

Lessons from the encounter:  

  1. Christians should show genuine concern for the plight of others, 
  2. Doubts
    and unbelief can block one’s views and understanding of basic truth about God. 
  3. The appearances assure, restore and strengthen believer’s faith in the
    risen Lord, 
  4. The appearances give us the conviction that Christ is alive,
    so we can preach Christ as a living Jesus, 
  5. Table fellowship/Eucharist/ Holy
    communion/brings unity/intimacy/peace.

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