State the content of the new covenant in Jeremiah, Ezekiel and outline the benefits of the covenant to Israel

JEREMIAH 31:31-34: 

  •  This covenant would not be
    like the one He made with their fathers- the Sinai covenant. 
  • The
    people had broken that covenant
  • In the new covenant, God would put
    His law within them, 
  • He would be their God, and they would be His
  • The people would not need to be taught to “know the
  •  They would all know God, both great and small, 
  • He would forgive their iniquity, and would remember their sins no more.
EZEKIEL 36:25-28 
  •  He would sprinkle clean water
    on them, 
  • He would cleanse them of idols, 
  • He would put
    in a new heart and a new spirit, 
  • He would replace the stony heart with the
    heart of flesh, 
  • He would put his spirit in them and cause them to walk in
    his ways, 
  • He shall make them dwell in the land which he gave their
  • They should be his people and he would be their God.

 Benefits of the covenant to Israel: 

  1.  God would gather Israel from countries that had taken them
    captives in God’s anger, 
  2. He would bring them back and make them
    dwell in safety, 
  3. They would be His people; He would be their God. 
  4. He would give them one heart, 
  5. He would make them fear God for ever for
    their benefit and that of their children, 
  6. God would make an
    everlasting covenant with them and would always do them good,
  7. God
    would plant them in the given land in faithfulness with all His heart and soul.

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