Discuss the importance of government as institution of the state

Government as an institution of the state is a machinery through which
the will of the state is formulated expressed and attained. Government is important as an institution of
the state because of the following functions it

Law Making:- Government performs many functions and the
main ones include: Law execution and law adjudication.

Maintenance of Law And Order: It is also the duty of the government to maintain law, peace and order. It is in a bid to carry out this
function that the Police Force and Law
Courts are established and equipped

Defence of The Country: Government establishes and equips a standing
armed forces in order to defend the country from external
aggression or internal insurrection and to maintain the territorial integrity
of the state

Of Lives
And Property:- Apart from maintaining law and order and
defending the country, it is also the duty of the government to
protect lives and property of its citizens.
The Police Force and Law Courts carry out this function of protection of lives
and property of not only the citizens but all those living in the

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Administer Justice:
– It is the duty of the Law Court which is an
arm of government to settle disputes and administer
justice. Prisons are established and equipped for the
punishment of offenders and criminals.

of Social Services:
– It is the duty of the government to provide
social services like provision of social amenities such as good roads,
electricity, pipe borne water, hospitals,
etc. to the citizens, especially from
the taxes the citizen pay.

Provision of Employment Opportunities:- It is the duty of the government to provide employment opportunities to its citizens, This is one of the
reasons why some countries pay
unemployment allowance to the citizens where
government failed to provide gainful employment.

Economic Functions:– Government has the responsibility of
regulating economic activities in order to protect the economy, ensure
economic growth and economic development through careful economic planning and execution maintaining stable economic
atmosphere, etc.

Political functions of the government include conduction of periodic free and fair elections to ensure smooth
and peaceful change of government,
maintenance of stable political atmosphere, regulation of political activities

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