Explain the functions of the legislature in a modern state

Legislature is the arm of government responsible for making of
Legislature is called different names in
different states. For instance; in Nigeria, it is
called National Assembly; in Britain it is known as Parliament while in United
States, it is known as Congress; However, it is
called Knesset in Israel.

The Function of
the Legislature are as follows

  1. Enactment of law. 
  2. It serves as the electoral college to elect the president if none of the candidates contesting a presidential election wins at the first ballot. 
  3. It ratifies all political appointment of the president  
  4. The legislature educate the public through public debates on issues and policies of
    the government.
  5. Legislature provides training ground for
    future leaders.
  6.  Legislature controls and approves the
    proposed financial expenditure of the executive arm
    of government.
  7. Legislature
    controls the activities of other branches of government viii. Legislature must approve the budget
    which is presented by the executive.
  8. Legislature ratify international treaties.
  9.  It
    serves as a spring board for public opinions.

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