Under what circumstances can the rights of the individual be restricted?

Rights may be defined as the basic and
inalienable privileges which an individuals enjoys in a
state. Examples of rights are as follows:- right to life, right to freedom of
movement and right to ownership of
property etc. .The rights pf an individual may
be restricted due to the following reasons: 

  1. An individual may be denied of his rights during the period of emergency.
  2. A person’s right to express his view is
    limited or restricted by the law of libel, slander and
  3. An individual right to vote or to be voted
    for in any election may be denied if he is a banned politician,
    or insane.
  4. An
    individual cannot enjoy his rights to the detriment of other member of the state.
  5. The right to freedom of movement does not allow any individual to unlawfully enter into another person
  6. To protect the security of
    the state.
  7. An individual may be denied his right to life
    if he is condemned to death as a result of murder or
    armed robbery etc. 
  8. An Individual who is currently serving
    prison terms must lose some of his rights.

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