Explain the various ways in which Nigeria gives support to liberation movement in Africa

  • ANTI – RACISM AND ANTI – COLONIALISM: Through total liberation and eradication of
    colonialism from any part of Africa, Nigeria also
    supported the Liberation movement in Angola, Gambia and
    South Africa [ANC].
  •  The
    financial support of N10 million given to Zimbabwe independence Celebration by
    president shagari’s administration in1980.
  • ASSISTANCE TO SISTER AFRICA STATES:In the spirit of brotherhood and as a way of
    preventing neo­colonialism in Africa. Nigeria
    is providing technical and expertise
    assistance to sister African states. 
  • Nigeria has maintained friendly relationship with all liberation organisations in Africa. 
    To pursue her policy of supporting liberation
    movements, Nigeria broke diplomatic relationship with countries which support racism or aggression within African
  •  SUPPORT FOR O.A.U: Nigeria has expressed faith in the
    organisation of African unity as
    the foremost continental body for the articulation of African interests.
  •  UNITY AND SOLIDARITY: Nigeria has shown that Africa is the centre
    piece of her foreign policy through the promotion of
    African unity and solidarity especially at the international level. 

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