Factors that hinder the successful Operation of Democracy in Nigeria?

  • Lack of an independent electoral commission that will conduct free and fair election.
  • The propensity to win elections by all means on the part of politicians.
  • High degrees of illiteracy and ignorance on
    the part of the electorates.
  •  Obstruction of the duties of the electoral commission by some selfish politicians.
  • Rigging of elections, which deprives the electorates the right to choose the right candidates.
  • Absence of independent and impartial
    judiciary that can adjudicate election petitions.
  • Rampant military coups that usher in
    undemocratic military administrations.
  • Absence
    of free and fair press that can enlighten the electorates and also, expose election
  •  Interference in
    government by political parties.

ShockingSee the structure of military rule in Nigeria under the Babangida Administration up to 1990

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