Highlight the conditions necessary for a free and fair election

A free and fair election is an election where
every qualified
and registered voters exercises his political
rights without
intimidation or inducement.
The conditions necessary for free and fair
election are as
  1.  There must be an up-to-date electoral
  2. Election must be by one man one vote. 
  3. Counting of votes and declaration of results
    must be on the spot and in public.
  4. There should be an independent and impartial electoral commission.
  5.  Equal
    opportunities must be given to political parties to campaign.
  6. Voting must be conducted in secret, (secret
  7. Equal opportunities must
    be given to candidates to file their nomination paper.
  8. There should be no campaign on election day. 
  9. The electorate must be politically educated.
  10. There should be no intimidation of
    voters and candidates.

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