How did the General Elections of 1964 affect political developments in Nigeria?

The crisis that arose from the General
Election of 1964 shook the foundation of Nigeria. The
election which started on December 30, 1964 led to a deadlock and for three
days there was no government at the
federal level in Nigeria. 
The 1964 General Election also brought about
the formation of alliances and coalitions in the history of Nigerian politics. In readiness for the election, all the
political parties in the country polarized into two gigantic alliances – the
United Progressive Grand Alliance
(UPGA) and the Nigerian National Alliance (NNA). 
Also all sorts of crude and obnoxious methods
of electioneering that are manifest
in Nigerian body polity today reared their ugly
heads first during the 1964 genera! election. The
1964 genera! election influenced the 1965 Western regional election which was characterised by
political thuggery, arson and
In addition, it was the 1964 general election
that led to and brought about military democracy
which was experienced at different times in the political
history of Nigeria.
The 1964 general elections also brought about
loss of  confidence in the legitimacy of elected
governments in Nigeria. The massive rigging,
intimidations, thuggery and kidnapping that
took place during the 1964 general election are still influencing Nigeria’s
politics today.

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