Identify the various ways by which the traditional rulers controlled their subjects

  • As chief executives: Traditional rulers during the pre-colonial
    period were the overall heads of their domains. 
  • Law Making: They were the heads of the legislative body. They made laws together with the council of chiefs. 
  • Defense of the
    When there was any external attack,
    traditional rulers led their subjects
    to defend the community. 
  • Spiritual
    Traditional rulers were the religious leaders
    in their communities. They led their
    people in worship and mediated between
    them and their ancestors. 
  • Maintenance of law
    and order:
    They ensured that peace reigned in their
    communities. This was done by the use of age
    grades, secret societies etc. 
  • Settlement of disputes: They perform judicial functions. This they do
    by settling disputes among their people. 
  • Mobilization of the
    people for community developments:
    They ensured that people came out in large
    numbers whenever they were needed for
    community development. 
  • Link between the people and other communities: As the representatives of the people, they
    acted as a link between their subject and other
    neighbouring communities.

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