State how the British colonial policies contributed to the rise of nationalism in West Africa

  • The crown-colony policy was not acceptable to
    the nationalist i.e both the legislative and
    executive councils were dominated by British official.
    Only illiterates African chiefs were nominated as
    members of the, legislative council. 
  • Opportunities provided for the Africans to
    participate in government through constitutional
  • Inequality in wages between whites and natives especially in commercial enterprises. 
  • Provision of educational facilities through
    missionaries made the Africans politically conscious. 
  • The
    land law was unfavourable to the chiefs and people. 
  • Colour bar and social segregation e.g, Housing
  • Recreational Facilities, Hospitals and
  • Little or no opportunities for the
    advancement of the Africans in the public service. 
  • Economic inequalities between the whites and
    the indigenes especially in commercial enterprises
    e.g. granting of loans by banks, the activities of
    companies like UAC, UTC, PZ.

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