The human brain; a comprehensive note

The brain is housed in and protected by the  cranium. It is divided into three (3) parts which are; forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. Now let’s explain them one after another
  • Forebrain: This is made up of the olfactory lobes and the cerebral hemispheres. Cerebrum is the largest and most dominant part of the brain. It is structurally divided into two cerebral hemisphere by a median fissure.
  • The Midbrain: This consists mainly of the optic lobes which control sight.
  • The Hindbrain: This consists of the cerebellum or the little brain and the medulla oblongata which connects the cerebellum to the spinal cord.BRAIN 


Cerebral hemisphere seat of consciousness, intelligence memory learning and voluntary actions.
  1. Cerebellum: for balance and body posture. Receives impulses and co-ordinates actions of muscles.
  2. Olfactory lobes: Receives sensory impulse for smelling.
  3. Optic lobes: Receives impulses from the eyes.
  4. Medulla oblongata: Controls respiration, heart beat digestive movement and blood supply.
  5. Thalamus: Serves as a relay centre between the cerebral cortex and the rest part of the brain. Regulate the state of wakefulness and sleep.
  6. Hypothalamus: It regulate the temperature of the body. It also regulate the water, salt and sugar balance of the blood.

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