Trace the evolution of federalism, in Nigeria from 1914 to 1954

By 1914 Lord Lugard amalgamated
the colony and protectorate of southern Nigeria and that of Northern Nigeria which was done mainly for economic reasons.
By 1922 a constitution was
promulgated named Clifford constitution. The constitution provided for
legislative council for the Colony and Southern protectorate of Nigeria. The -Northern region was excluded from
the council. By 1946 another constitution named after Arch Richards was promulgated. The constitution
introduced regionalism under which
the country was divide into three regions: North, West and East. There
was however, no constitution. Division of
powers existed. Regional assemblies
had no legislative powers. In 1951, Macpherson constitution introduced
quasi-federal system which gave legislative
powers on specific issues to the regional governments but subject to the
ratification of the central government. The 1954 Lyttleton constitution formally established an improved quasi federal
system which divided legislative
powers into exclusive, concurrent and
residual lists. Premiers were appointed to head the three regions.

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