What are the features of the French Colonial Administration in Africa?

France introduced two policies in her territories in
West Africa. They were the policy
of assimilation and the policy of association.
  •  Cultural   Assimilation: The administration employed the policy of assimilation which was meant to substitute the culture, language,
    religion, laws mode of dressing,
    etc. of the people of west Africa with that o( the French people.
  •  Centralised
    Administration: France formed all its eight
    colonies into a federation with its headquarters at Dakar. At the head of the federation was a Governor General. At the head of
    each colony was a governor.
  •  Direct
    France ruled the colonies directly, i.e. she
    did not make use
    of traditional institutions.
  • No
    Recognition of Traditional Rulers:
    The French did not accord any respect for the
    African traditional rulers.
  •  indigenant
    This was a policy which gave. French Administrators the right to imprison any African for two years without
  • Existence of French Personnel: Many French personnel were available in the
    colonies. Hence
    flew Africans were in the administration.
  •  Education
    Was Restricted:
    Very few people had access
    to education in the French colonies. It was a deliberate policy of France to
    educate few Africans.
  •  Africans were
    Divided into Citizens and Subject-
    Some Africans were accorded French
    citizenship while other:
    were called subjects.
  •  Political
    Activities Were Not Encouraged:
    The French did not allow the formation of political parties and publication of independent newspapers.
  •  Colonial Representation in the French National
    Assembly: Laws governing the., territories were made in the French National Assembly in Paris. However, Africans
    were represented in the
  • The
    Policy of Loi
    Cadre: This policy put French west African territories on the path of self government

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