What are the major differences between the civil service and the public service?

  • The
    civil service is made up of government ministries and departments while
    public service are established by the government with Public Fund and often operate as a
    monopoly e.g.
    Power Holding of Nigeria (NEPA). 
  •  The civil service is
    manned mainly by civil servants while Public
    service is manned by public servants. 
  • Civil Service do not
    have a governing board or board of directors while public service have a governing board or directors. 
  • Civil Servants are recruited by Civil
    service commission while Public servants who work in the public
    corporations are recruited   by board or commissions. 
  • Civil Service comes
    under government annual budgetary control
    while Public service does not come under this but have a
    separate sources of revenue. 
  • Civil Service is
    not expected to make profits while Public Service are expected to make profits. 
  • The daily
    activities of the Civil Service is not free from executive control
    while the daily activities of Public Corporations are free
    from executive control.
  •  The Civil Service
    is headed by minister or commissioner while chairman
    acts as the head of Public Service. 
  • The Civil Service
    can not contract for loans, public service can obtain
  • Decision taking in
    the civil service is very slow while Public Service
    takes quick decisions. 
  • The Civil Service pays its revenue into
    the consolidated fund; Public Service does
  • The condition of service in public
    service is better than that of Civil service. 
  • Ministerial
    responsibility is limited in the public service, it is not   limited in the civil service.

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