Botanical name of Angelica root and its medicinal uses

Common Names

Angelica root , Choraka

Botanical Name

Angelica archangelica



Medicinal Uses

Amenorrhea, Ayurvedic, Colds, Congestion, Cough, Cramps/abdominal, Depression, Digestion, Dysmenorrhea, Hypertension, IBS, Pregnancy/Childbirth.


Antitussive, Aromatic, Bitter, Carminative, Cordial, Diaphoretic, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Nervine, Stimulant, Stomachic, Tonic.

Parts Used

Roots, stems,seeds, leaves


Essential oils, bitter principles, coumarin compounds.


Fields and meadows, shady, damp soil, loves to grow near running water. July, can be grown in pots for indoor use. Native to the Middle East, found worldwide in temperate zones.

Side Effects

Angelica is a strong emmenagogue (a substance that induces menstruation) and should not be taken by pregnant women.

How to Prepare

1. The entire plant is used, roots, stems, fruit and leaves, but the resinous root is the part used most often in herbal medicine. The fresh bruised, or dried roots can be taken as a decoction, are made into extracts, and are the source of the essential oil.

2. The dried herb can be used in tea. To make angelica tea, add one cup of boiling water to one teaspoon of dried angelica and steep covered for at least 10 minutes.

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