Botanical name of Balsam of Peru and its medicinal uses

Common Names: Balsam of Peru, Tolu Balsam
Botanical Name: Myroxylon pereirae

Family: Fabaceae

Medicinal Uses: Aromatherapy, Eczema

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal, AntiViral, Aromatic, Calm, Hypertensive, Mood, Stimulant, Warm

Parts Used: oleoresin

Constituents: cinnamaldehyde, benzaldehyde

Habitat: Balsam of Peru is grown in Central America (primarily in El Salvador) and South America.

Side Effects: Allergic reactions are possible, and it also may increase your sensitivity to sunlight. Whether taken internally or externally, large quantities of balsam of Tolu can damage the kidneys.

How to Prepare: Use the resinous oil for troubled skin by diluting in a 2 to 3 percent solution of carrier oil.

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