Explain how Nehemiah received the news about the state of affairs in Jerusalem and relate his prayer when he received the news

Nehemiah received the news about the state of affairs in
Jerusalem through Hanani:
Nehemiah was in Shushan,
the Capital, when Hanani came with certain men from Judah. Nehemiah asked them
concerning the Jews who were still in Jerusalem. Hanani said the people there
were in great trouble and shame. He went further that the wall of Jerusalem was
broken down, its gates destroyed by fire. Hearing this, Nehemiah sat down,
wept, mourned and fasted for days.

When Nehemiah received the news, he prayed to God to hear the prayer of his servants. He confessed
that he and his father’s house had sinned. That they had not kept the
commandments, statutes and the ordinances Moses commanded. He asked God to
remember His words to Moses thatlf they were unfaithful He would scatter them
among the peoples, but should they repent and keep His commandments, He would
gather them and restore them to the place He had chosen for them. Nehemiah then
reminded God that He redeemed His people by His great power. He petitioned God
to listen to his servants and grant him success and mercy.
Virtues that can be learnt from Nehemiah’s reaction are: 
  •  Nehemiah was patriotic. It pays to be patriotic, 
  • He
    was a man of prayer. A prayerfirl life is necessary for success in every
    situation, He was conscious of the nation’s wrong-doings; so, he
    confessed to God. There is need for a nation to confess her sins,  
  • We
    should always intercede for our nation, 
  • It is important to have faith in
  • There is need for national repentance.

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