What circumstances led to the dismissal of Gehazi?

he circumstances that led to the dismissal of Gehazi are: Elisha healed Naaman, the leper, without a charge. Gehazi,
Elisha’s servant, regretted his master’s refusal of Naaman’s gifts and swore to
collect a reward. So, he ran after Naaman who halted on sighting him. Gehazi
lied to him that visitors came to him unexpectedly. He said Elisha requested a
talent of silver and two festal garments, which Naaman quickly obliged and even
begged to give two talents which his two servants conveyed for Gehazi. At the
house, Gehazi took the items and sent the servants away secretly. When Elisha
asked where he went, he denied going anywhere. Elisha asked if his spirit did
not follow him and whether it was time for acquisition of wealth. He then
ordered that Naaman’s leprosy be transferred to Gehazi and his descendants for
ever. Gehazi left Elisha’s presence a leper, as white as snow.

The lessons that can be learnt from Gehazi’s conduct are: 

  1.  It is not good to be greedy or materialistic,
  2. It is wrong to
    lie to cover an offence, 
  3. Elisha was a prophet; we should know the
    kind of people we deal with, 
  4. One can get diseases (e.g. AIDS)
    through secret deals/sinful acts. 
  5. The consequences of sin can be
  6. God knows the secret sins of man.

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