Give an account of the trial of Jesus before pilate and give the ways in which people are denied justice in your society

The account goes that when
Jesus was brought before Pilate, the governor, he asked Jesus, “Are you
the king of the Jews?” Jesus replied, you have said so. Jesus made no answer
to the accusation of the chief Priest and Elders. Pilate asked Jesus if he did
not hear all the allegations leveled against him by the people. Pilate wondered
greatly at Jesus’ silence in the face of mounting allegations. There was a
custom at the Passover for the governor to release a prisoner to the crowd.

Meanwhile, there was a notorious thief called Barabbas. Pilate
asked the crowd to chose between Jesus and Barabbas. Pilate knew that it was
out of envy that they had delivered Jesus up. Pilate’s wife sent word to him,
warning him that he should have nothing to do with the righteous Jesus. The
chief Priest and the Elders persuaded people to ask for Barabbas and destroy
Jesus. Pilate asked the crowd which of the two should be released to them and
they all chose Barabbas. Pilate asked what to do with Jesus and they replied
that he should be crucified. Pilate demanded from them the reason for
crucifying Jesus. He then washed his hands with water and declared his
innocence of Jesus’ blood (see to it yourself). The people answered, “His
blood be on us and on our children”. Pilate released Barabbas, scourged
Jesus and released him to be crucified.  

Ways in which people are denied justice
in the society are:

  1. Hiring of false witnesses, 
  2. Adjournment: Delay of trial and
  3. Bribery: Judges demand and take bribes, 
  4. Falsification of
  5. Failure to release judgement as and when due. 
  6. Rigging of
  7. Nepotism / Tribalism, etc.

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