Narrate the story of the healing of the paralytic

 Matthew 9:1 – 8; Mark 2:1-12; Luke

  • Jesus came by boat to Capernaum, 
  • The friends of the
    paralytic brought him to Jesus to be healed, 
  • The whole house was so
    crowded that they lowered him through the roof, 
  • When Jesus saw their
    faith, he said, 
  • “My son, your sins are forgiven”. 
  • The pharisees and
    Scribes accused Jesus of blasphemy, 
  • Saying only God can forgive sins, 
  • Jesus asked them why they should think evil in their hearts, 
  • “Which is easier, your sins are forgiven or rise and take up your pallet
    and walk?” 
  • That the son of man has authority to forgive sin. 
  • He
    told the paralytic to rise and take up his bed and go home, 
  • He rose and
    went home, 
  • When the crowd saw him, they glorified God.  

faith is relevant in the miracle:

  1. With faith, healing miracle is
  2. Christ is always ready to help those who have faith in him,
  3. Faith compels people to go to Christ, 
  4. Faith in Christ is necessary
    for ail Christians, 
  5. Faith in Christ assures Christians of salvation, 
  6. Faith makes the impossible, possible/with faith in God, all things are

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