Narrate the event on the day of pentecost and state the ways in which the holy spirit still influence the life of christians today

The disciples were
together in one place on the day of Pentecost, when a sound came from heaven
and filled the house. Suddenly there appeared on their heads tongues as of
fire. The disciples were filled with Holy spirit and they spoke as the spirit
led them. Various people who dwelt in Jerusalem as well as the disciples also
spoke in tongues. Other people who heard them were amazed, and were forced to
asked whether the disciples were not all Galileans and wondered why they all
spoke in diverse tongues. Some by standers mocked them that the disciples were

How the holy spirit influence christians life today.

Through the Holy spirit, active evangelism still goes on
today. Former citadels of atheism are crumbling giving way to acceptance of the
Gospel. The Holy spirit is still assisting the world which has gone crazy with
hatred, envy, man’s inhumanity to man, indiscipline, murder, corruption, etc,
The Holy Spirit, is recognised as the lonely voice in the wilderness, appealing
to human conscience to be more humane and ensure survival of human race. The Holy
Spirit, is helping through the building of hospital, homes for poor and aged.
In spite of economic recessions, the Holy.spirit still provides the church with
the strength to carry on. Through the Holy Spirit miracle of healing are daily
being recorded in our churches and hospitals.

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