Describe the basic features of a democratic state

  • Periodic elections .to elect
  • Equal
    opportunity to participate in the decisions of the government. 
  • Fundamental human rights are guaranteed.
  • Rights of the minority are guaranteed.
  • Free and fair elections (an independent
    electoral commission updating the electoral register, secret ballot etc).  
  • Existence of political parties in the
  • Existence of opposition
    party to be a watch dog of the government.
  • An independent judiciary.
  •  Operation of the rule of law.
  • The franchise is opened to all on the
    basis of universal adult
  • Provision of special procedures to amend
    entrenched parts of the
    constitution e.g. creation of new states impeachments
    of the president e.t.c.  
  • Supremacy of the constitution
  • Free press.

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