Describe the'functions of the Prime Minister in a cabinet system of government

  • He is the Head Of Government: The Prime Minister is the head of government. He is the head of the executive.He rules the country together with
    his ministers.
  • Selection of Ministers: He selects his ministers and assignes to them
    the ministries they are expected to run. He can
    dismiss any minister who performs below expectations.
  •  Presides over
    Executive Meeting: As the head of government, he presides
    whenever there is an executive meeting.
  • He represents his
    Constituency: The prime Minister is voted into parliament
    by members of his   constituency, so he
    represents their interest in parliament.
    OFFICIALS: The Prime Minister appoints some top government
    functionaries like the chief justice, ambassador etc.
  • Co -ordination of the activities of Government
    Departments: He coordinates the activities of al!
    government departments
    ministries under his control.
  • Providing
    Information to Head of State on National Issues: The Prime Minister keeps the head of state
    informed on
    national issues and seeks his advice on matters of  national
  •  Determination of the use of the Armed
    Forces: He can determine the operational use of the
    army when
    necessary. For example, 1982, the
    prime minister of Britain
    directed the British Armed Forces to go to
    war against Argentina.
  • He advices on the dissolution of parliament: When the government completes its terms of office, the prime –  minister
    invites the head of state to parliament to dissolve it. A new elections are then held.
  •  He Advises on
    Prorogation: At the end of the session, the prime minister
    invites the head
    of state to prorogue the
    parliament. In other words, the head
    of state officially brings a session of parliament to an
    end and , members of parliament go on recess.
  •  Leadership of the Ruling Party: The prime minister is the
    leader of the party in power, it is his duty to .ensure the survival and progress of .the party.

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